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3 days, 4 offers, leased over asking with the exact conditions my clients desired. One of my fave quotes: “Do everything as though the master is watching” My take on that is I’m the master always watching and keeping track.. excellence is a daily practice spanning all matters and there is no hiding from oneself.

June Market Stats 2018

It has been a busy first half of the year. The market has taken time to adjust to the regulatory changes of the 16 Point Fair Housing Plan implemented a year ago and the B-20 Mortgage Qualification changes that came into effect on January 1st. These changes coupled with a long winter, the Provincial Election,


VIP PLATINUM SALES EVENT – IN8 (SagePrestige) Is at it again with another residential tower in Kitchener. Starting at just over $500/Sq.Ft. DKT offers a excellent investment opportunity for Inc prop investors. 1 bdr apartments in area renting for $1400/m and up. 2 bdr renting for $2000/m plus. VIP ACCESS! accepting deal sheets NOW. Call


Toronto’s Real Estate market in a snap shot: 1.List on Tuesday 2.Bully offer on Friday before the weekend open house 3.The first offer attracts 2 more offers 4.Offers range between 112% and 138% of the asking price. 5.Pass the Champagne! In the current market this weeks new listing will sell for more than last weeks

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Jimmy Vlachos

Jimmy Vlachos

I am not driven by selling or buying. It’s not what gets me up in the morning nor what keeps me working late into the night. I am driven by a desire to be free, to do what I please with my time, to travel and experience all that life has to offer. My desire to be free is what lead me to Income Producing Property Investing. More...

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