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Location, Location… Location is repeatedly stressed as the most important factor in real estate investment and it’s true. When it comes to income properties, however, the saying should read: Location, Location, Management.

The value of an income property is not only derived by its location. The net rental income, general heath of the building/mechanical systems and the types of tenants occupying the units will greatly affect the value of your property and the equity you have access to.

Having a skilled and reputable property management service in place is key to reaping the full benefits of your income property.

I enjoy managing properties and meeting the people whose lives will improve as a result of living in a clean, safe, and well-maintained building. I am intimately aware that tenants are in fact customers of a service that needs to perform at a very high standard 24/7, 365 days a year.

Several years ago it became apparent to me that not all of my clients were capable of or willing to manage their income properties. I encourage all of my clients to call me anytime they need help or advice. I found that the more clients called me for advice and assistance, the more interested they became in having me and my team look after their properties and interests.

We look after all of the fundamentals from collecting rent to maintenance calls and trades management, and of course finding AAA tenants for your income property. We provide the added bonus of being available for investment counselling and renovation consultation in order to ensure the improvements you make increase the value of your income property and rent roll.

Call us to explore your options and learn about the services we provide.

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Jimmy Vlachos

Jimmy Vlachos

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