APRIL 2015 Real Estate Market Statistics

Formal numbers to what you already know.. UP, UP AND UP.

Did your stock broker advise you to sell Oil short a year ago and buy it back in December 2014?

Did your banker tell you to convert all your Canadian currency into Greenbacks a year and a half ago?

No? Neither did mine so don’t sweat it.

Many of you are asking what play is the right one in a market this hot. I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t tell the future by looking at the stars but I understand that nothing can be done to increase interest rates without affecting the global markets.

I’m also aware that Toronto is the number one choice of residence for foreigners immigrating to Canada and international investors looking for a place to park their money.

If you’re leaving your money in the bank or hiding it under your mattress it’s simply withering away due to inflation while tangible assets like art, collector cars, and Realestate are skyrocketing.

Bear in mind it’s not necessarily the value of tangible assets increasing due to an increase in demand or scarcity.. In part it’s the purchasing power of our money quickly eroding thats driving prices up.

My plan is to buy assets, predominately Realestate, while money has enough value to do so.

Call me when you’re ready to make a move.

Jimmy Vlachos
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