Real estate investors snap up medical office buildings as boomers age

Investment diversification is always on the lips of investment bankers and financial reporters but the focus is predominately on different sectors of the stock market.  Here we have a glimpse at one of the many investment options that exist in the tangible commodity world of real estate.

This article addresses one of my political campaign platforms – triple A real estate locations owned by the City of Toronto, available for lease or lease development in order to create reoccurring revenue streams.  I proposed that several existing subway stations, specifically in Ward 29 Toronto/Danforth, could be developed as commercial lease space and in the ideal situation medical lease space.

To me it’s a no brainer, doctors and pharmacies are looking for high traffic locations, people are looking for easy access to medical practitioners and Toronto City Council is exhausting it’s ability to increase taxes, fines and licensing fees.

Hopefully Toronto City Council won’t wait for me to sit amongst them to implement my many suggestions  for revenue generation.  As for you dear reader there is no excuse.  Lets get out there and get you an investment property.  As I like to say, Buy and hold it turns into gold!

You can find my campaign video regarding TTC and revenue generation on my website under the Ward 29 tab.


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